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Re: Those considering Seperation/Divorce...does your spouse see??

My wife used to threaten divorce ever argument we had. I finally said if she mentioned it one more time I would take her up on it. She predictably did and I followed through and left for my sisters house. I wasn't even at the end of the street when she started calling crying about me breaking her heart and she would change. I stayed at my sisters either way and came home the next day. The only time i've ever done something like that. But that was a few years ago. She was a different woman for about two weeks doing all the things I wanted her to do. That slacked off and we are back to the start. Even recently she has started saying that if i want a wife that cooks and cleans I should find someone else because it's not who she is. I just stopped replying because that pretty much sums it up. Yet strangely I feel she will be shocked when I sit her down and tell her I'm taking up her offer for real this time.
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