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Re: Still fed up 3 months after break up

Many different reasons. We broke up 6 months into the relationship at first because he started showing signs of a violent personality, not so much towards me but other people. It was mostly verbal aggression but then he started directing towards me, especially when he had been drinking alcohol. It wasn't frequent but it disturbed me so I ended things. He did what he is doing now, bombarded me with textx, calls begging me to take him back and the first time around, I did take him back.

He calmed down for a while but then a few months later, it started again. I also started to notice little signs of control like him stopping me going to conferences with work if a male colleague was involved, name-calling my friends for no good reason and the final straw came when he started putting my kids down. He was very very opinionated and said things even if he knew it would upset people. It got very stressful and after much thought I ended it...again. I really do think that if I had let him move in, which he also began to pressurise me about, things would have got worse and possibly abusive. At the beginning of the relationship, he even told me that he had been convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

I probably should have never got involved again after the first break up but everyone deserves a second chance. Should also add that I feel llike I have kind of been holding out for so long, waiting for a change but then we went on holiday in September and even in the lovely sun and on beautiful sandy beaches, things were no different. I wanted to relax and he couldn't so we ended up doing activities almost everyday; the things he wanted to do.

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