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Re: When Triggers Spiral Out of Control....

Originally Posted by warlock07 View Post
@Badblood, I think this is a bit more complicated.

When a BS threatens to leave the marriage there are 2 things a WS can do

Beg him to stay but she can beg him for her own selfish reasons to stay in the marriage even if the BS is miserable.

Let him leave because she knows that the BS will not get over it and that the only way the BS can find his own happiness is by leaving her.
Warlock, I understand all of this, but I'm going by her own words. She said that her pride is what kept her from begging him to stay. Does this sound like a remorseful woman who would do ANYTHING to repair the damage she has done? It doesn't to me. It sounds more like a woman whose sense of entitlement is more important to her than her marriage. I admit that Working had me fooled. I truly believed that she was completely committed to Reconciliation, and had put her husband's needs above her own. Clearly I was mistaken. I feel very sorry for her husband, and for her too. For her husband , because he will always be second-best in her heart. For her, because she will never experience true love , because she is incapable of giving it. It's embarassing to admit I was wrong.
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