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Re: Pardon the interuption, is it normal for a heterosexual man to prefer anal sex?

Originally Posted by salvation2011 View Post
My husband and I used to engage in this before marriage but I tore once and havent since. After we married our overall sex decreased from pretty much every night to once a week (sometimes less). He talks about that alot, and plays "there" alot... especially since getting advice from Enchantment to be more playful and shave to clean up things down there. I asked him if we would have more sex if we did it that way again and he said "probably." So I asked why and he answered "because its tighter." Im not "loose" down there at all. I had c-sections so my 2 children didnt stretch things out, and I have always been tight and he has trouble getting in "there" sometimes... so why does he need the anal tightness? Is he a closet homosexual or is this normal? Thanks in advance
I had to go back and look at the comments that I made in your other thread - being more 'playful' and 'flirty' with your H (my original comments to you) and possibly feeling compelled to do something you find distasteful or painful are two different things entirely.

I think that like anything, but especially anal sex - it needs to be a completely consensual act. You should not feel coerced by your H to participate in this if you do not want to - especially in light of the fact that it caused you problems and pain before. His lack of concern about how you feel about it is troublesome.

I think anal has probably always had either some amount of fascination or repugnance for men since the dawn of time. However, it seems like it is even more of an acceptable practice, especially for hetero men, in more recent years - perhaps it's the preponderance of internet pornography in the last couple of decades with anal featured that has changed the outlook of some men to think about it in more of a mainstream way.

Believe me, if he doesn't feel you are 'tight' enough vaginally, there are some tricks and things that you can do there. that_girl started a thread a couple of weeks ago about that, that you can search for.

Best wishes.

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