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Default Re: Pardon the interuption, is it normal for a heterosexual man to prefer anal sex?

Originally Posted by salvation2011 View Post
Here you are Enchantment! Im a little slow at figuring out how to scroll around on here. A big thank you for your advice, however, I still cant muster up the courage to hand him my panties

Maybe Im not tight enough vaginally, as I was typing another response I realized how large my last bf before my husband was and it hurt but not alot, and he was above average (I read that average is 6 inches and he was 10 inches).

Its definitely not a situaiton where he is trying to get me to do something I dont want to. Im scared to again after tearing. I also dont want to do it too much since I have read about women losing poop out of there because muscles get stretched. If anyone wants to put those fears to rest and tell me that my tear from 4 years ago has healed, I may give it another chance.

Your tear is called a fissure and they can happen without anal sex. It healed long ago. There has been a great deal of good advice in this thread especially about lots of lube and lots of foreplay.

My W gets very turned on from any kind of stimulation in that area and while she enjoyed it when we tried it she kind of has a been there done that attitude but everything else in regards to stimulation back there is fair game and just enhances the activity with us.
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