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Re: Desperately want to end wife's affair

Originally Posted by Devastated2 View Post

I don't want to reveal any of my evidence that I have collected.
Exactly what evidence have you collected?

I know she will take the affair deeper underground and I won't be able to find out what is going on. I am seriously thinking about trying to catch them together at our house when I am out of town for work next.
What makes you think they meet at your house?
I`ve had affairs, no way in hell I`m getting busted with some guys wife in his house/bed.
Very dangerous and not the usual place cheaters meet.

Will anyone please tell me what to do to confront her and then rebuliding my marriage?
She may not want to rebuild.
The advice you`ve gotten so far is on the money but first you have to get her to admit to the infidelity.
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