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Re: Dealing with lonliness

Honestly it took me two months to go to my GP, but he immediately put me on xanax and I wish I would have gone two months ago when he first started talking about leaving!!!

I did immediately start IC when this started and I am working on behavioral cognitive therapy... but that xanax (I hate drugs) have taken an edge off of my trembles, nerves, worry, mood swings, weight loss etc.

For other therapy (friends say it is premature) but I also have started looking at websites that allow me to see what's out there... how to date,, new job opportunity sites etc. Why not look at lots of changes that I haven't been allowed to make before after almost 30 yrs together I can maybe start some of my own dreams if he decides he is done, I will have not only a PLAN A, but B, C, and D!

I am a reader so if anyone has suggestions for books and other things to do to 'get out there' and learn to enjoy life again (w/o the other half) please share.

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