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Re: Daughter, meeting the ex's new boyfriend

I dont know.

Maybe they have actually moved on and Im like a garbage sack dragging behind the boat, filling up with water and slowing the process down. Maybe my daughter looks at me like I am pathetic and cant be happy, like mommy is..

Thats the way this whole LIE shapes up in the end.
Mommy looks like shes fine, and happy and all this was meant to be. Daddy looks sad and unhappy and miserable.

Nevermind whats "right". Never mind who did what...

I am trying to move on. Really. I dont "look" for things to harp on.. I feel like I keep reaching the point where the wounds are closing and I am getting stronger, and the wham something reopens the cut, rubs some salt in it, and I am supposed "by law of convenience" to grin and bare it, or, Im the pathetic loser...

His delay, is not a denial.
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