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Default Re: My girlfriend's baby talks come back to haunt me

Me too, AnotherGuy. Yet another young man forced into fatherhood too early.

I knew a very controlling woman who met a man four years her junior. She had an "unplanned" pregnancy and I watched her boss about the poor kid. M had no escape really; the car was in her name and the job M worked at came from her father pulling strings.

So she had another baby to tie him down even more. After nine years and two children ages 5 and 3, the young man finally left to live his own life. M isn't an involved father because he never wanted children so early in life; he was just pushed into it by a woman with her own agenda.

Worst part is, she never learned her lesson. She had another baby for a different man, who proposed right after ths third child was born. She finally got what she wanted and all it took was three babies.
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