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Re: Tired Of Initiating Sex with Husband

Thanks Cre8ify. I am going to try talking to him but after Valentines. I've already put myself in the mindset not to expect anything from him this year so that I don't become disappointed. I'm not giving up completely on this V-Day though. I asked him the other day if he'd like for me to plan something (no answer from him) so that he can't come back and say that I'm not putting forth any effort. I'm not going to initiate sex but I will try to something special like plan dinner.
I'm sure he has a story for why he is the way he is but who knows if tell me. I try to get him to tell me what on his mind / is bothering him but he rarely shares -- I feel that he's passive aggressive.
I was reading something awhile back about the 5 languages of love and was going to use that a way to start the conversation. I really hope we can have a dialogue and move forward. I know he likes my attention, I just don't understand why he doesn't like or feel comfortable showing me any? He's a lot like his mother (she seems to be a little detached) and the complete opposite of his father (extrovert) but hey, it's not like I grew up in a home where we talked about our feelings (it was the exact opposite) and yet, I've put myself out there.
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