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Originally Posted by PaGuy View Post
I don't speak from experience, but I can tell you from someone I know that has had a 3sum. Married couple, mid 30's decided to add another female, wife's friend. Well, the threesome part went well, everyone had a good time. Then things got weird in the morning as she spent the night with them. Almost immediately after waking up and sobering up, his wife's jealously set in. I do not know all the details, but it was not pretty. Needless to say they are no longer friends and I am sure that does/did create problems in the marriage. My advice to you, since you already have issues with your husband liking things too much, I think you would best to avoid the situation. I am sure there are many success stories out there, but for you I think it would end up bad, based upon what you have said.
It was the exact opposite for us. My wife and I had always talked about doing this, a threesome, but had never gotten past the talking about it while having sex part, which was hot in itself.

One night my wife told me she was bringing home her girlfriend after work. I didnt even get what she was on about. Well we all ended up going out for a few drinks. We all had a fun night, and came back to our house. We were sitting on the sofa watching the television and my wife asked me if I found her gielfriend pretty.

I said yes, after all, I am a man, and she was pretty. All of us were pretty lit, so my wife and this girl begin to make out. Kissing and then tops come off, and they are sucking each others nipples.....planned? Im sure, my wife has always had bi tendences. So Im almost sure they had experimented before, which I have no problem with.

Well before I know it, they are both between my knees with my zipper down, and Im getting head from them both. Without going into much detail, it ended up in the bedroom with me enjoying screwing them both, which we did off and on all night long. My wife ended up telling me to shoot my load inside of her, which I did. Later on, her girlfriend blew me and got under us while I screwed my wife...and yes, I shot another load into my wife.

Long story short..we ended up waking up in the morning, having breakfast, and seeing her off to work. There was no jealous feelings at all.

A few weeks later, a friend of mine came over, and we both pleased my wife. She really enjoyed having a man at both ends, and yes, we both shot our loads in her. Thats what started us to doing threesomes, and later couples. As I have said...its not for everyone, and Im not saying everybody should do it.

But we are happy, and in love, and use those experiences to make our sex lives even more exciting than they already were. You dont have to like it or agree with it, but thats our story.
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