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How to deal with R and the friends who knew about the affair

I am a Betrayed Spouse. D- day was Oct. 2011. We are currently trying to R. I have a lot of anger directed at our so called mutual friends who knew about the affair and chose to turn a blind eye. I felt like the joke was on me and of course I was the last to know. I even had one of our friends say "we'd been having relationship problems well before my WH chose to cheat." as if that is a legitimate excuse. My husband is insisting we do couples things and we are trying to spend more quality time together, but I don't want to associate with these people anymore. They are obviously not my friends. He is not willing to stop his friendships with them as he feels they were brought onto an ugly situation. The friends also know the OW. So lately he's been seeing them without me, which doesn't help our R. What do I do? How can I be around them without the feeling like there's an elephant in the room. If I choose to not associate with them anymore (which I am leaning towards) I am afraid this will put more stress on the R. Any advice from those who have dealt with this before?
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