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Found out ex's gf used to be a man

Hi--I'm new to this forum. I can't find anyone to talk to who can relate to my exact situation. We were separated for 18 months before our divorce, but his affair had been going on for around 4 or 5 years (whenever I would find signs, he would say it was just emotional, he would stop). He was into cross-dressing (on his own) and I should have suspected that his girlfriend was a transexual, but I didn't until the end. I wasn't going to say anything to our kids, but he told our youngest (11). They all know about the affair, though. The funny thing is, he is well known and respected in our community, and has a high profile job. If anyone knew the complete truth, he would be humiliated (if I told everyone, I would probably end up as one of those murder cases on the ID channel! but I wouldn't tell anyone because of our children. Anyways, there's so much more (like his pathological lying), but can anyone relate?

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