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Re: Found out ex's gf used to be a man

Hi EleGirl, our sex life was normal, I think. Around the age of 40 he started to have trouble keeping it up, but I just thought it was his age. About 8 years before our divorce, I found "Transformation" magazines that he said were given to him (he said that a client worked as a cross-dresser in Hollywood, and said that he had the right features for it also-a big story/lie) I'm cleaning out the garage, and I'm still finding the stupid magazines, hidden. I thought maybe he needed the extra stimulation, although I think it's sickening (even though I have an uncle who's a transvestite-it ruined his family). However, I've since wondered if it broke up his first marriage. I never considered if he was bi-sexual--are you bi-sexual if you have sex with a man who has had surgery to become a woman? I mean, his gf is genetically a man, but, not sure, so confusing!
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