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Re: what do you guys think?

Originally Posted by synthetic View Post
Seems like you two take life too seriously. Why constantly fight on coffee-dates?!!

You love each other and haven't moved on after being apart for so long. Get back together but be easy on each other. Give each other the freedom of being who you are.

If he's done with his drug problem (I hope he is), and he's being a better person than before, then make sure you give him credit for it (not here, say it in his face!)

Stop fighting for crying out loud. A real tragedy could happen tomorrow and you could both lose each other, and no, your rings going missing is not a "tragedy"!

The fighting happened the more we spent time together. The coffee dates were wonderful usually.

We've talked about what happened with his drug usage. Our biggest fight is when he starts trying to push us to work towards moving together, when I think we both still have work to do on ourselves. That's why I was thinking MC. There is a lot of trust that needs to be rebuilt, and while I was approaching it with a clean slate, within a week things started getting messy and another lie had come up. He has a real issue with dishonesty, and he is making progress on it but it still makes it difficult.

I think we need the counseling. I think it'd be a good start. My biggest fear is us destroying each other again.

And the circumstances surrounding my ring, who would have taken it, what has been done about it, and what was done with it and why are what make it tragic. It's not the item itself, but the rest of the story isn't really valid to TAM, so much as it would be to a family counseling site.
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