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Re: Coolidge Effect/Allowing a Mistress

Originally Posted by blisseskisses View Post
Coolidge effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Maybe this is the wrong place to be posting this question. However, I have been toying with the idea of turning a blind eye towards my husband having an affair/one night stands. Sometimes I feel that sex is just sex and it is not worth throwing away a marriage. I feel as if cheating is bound to happen whether or not I agree to it. I believe that most men given the opportunity would jump at the chance.
Sadly I think you may be right, I think the younger the man the more chance of this though.
I used to be the man that jumped at the chance but I`m not now.

Is monogamy a myth?
It exists.
It`s difficult and not for everyone but it exists.

Would you ever negotiate infidelity?
Infidelity can`t be negotiated.
Once the possibility of sex with others is discussed agreed to and acted upon it`s no longer infidelity.
Infidelity is a betrayal by my definition.
You haven`t betrayed a person who has agreed to the situation.

Finally, as a husband if your wife said go ahead and have sex with another women what would you do?
As a man whose wife has said she`d like to bring a woman to bed with us I can tell you I declined.

Don`t need the complications in my relationship.
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