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Unhappy Low sex drive wife not interested in orgasms

This is my first time postiing and hoping to gain some insight into my wife, my marriage and my marital issues. I am very happily married man for over 15 years. Happy in every aspect of marriage except for sex.
I was always the more sexually adventerous of the two and a higher sex drive but the gap has only gotten wider over the past few yrs. We have 4 wonderful children and that has certainly changes things however I am still incredibly attracted to her and find her very sexy although she is insecure about her own body and sexual prowress.
I am always in the mood and pride myself on being a "pleaser". That said, little seems to turn her on or interest her. I will try my best to satisfy her every way I can but she seems more interested in "getting it over with" more than anything. Nothing is more disappointing than being in "mid fun" and being told "you can do something, dont hold back".
From what she tells me, and I do not doubt - she does not masturbate or please herself, she never has, nor does she feel comfortable talking about sex and/or our sex life with me.
So back to the title of my post... what does one do when a wife has a low sex drive and does not seem to be interested in her own sexual pleasure??
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