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Re: Low sex drive wife not interested in orgasms

Originally Posted by wnt2wrkonit View Post
So back to the title of my post... what does one do when a wife has a low sex drive and does not seem to be interested in her own sexual pleasure??
Hi wnt2 ~

Do you know what she IS interested in? What, to her, is what sexual pleasure is to you? I think you should see if you can find that out if you are unsure.

The thing is, she needs to be willing to participate and meet you halfway in order for this to all work. She needs to work on her own issues, as well. Is she willing to do this? Does she see a problem like you do? Have you ever articulated how you feel about this to her?

You mention that you have four children. How old is the youngest? Any babies/toddlers? Is she a SAHM or does she work outside the home?

Does she get time away on her own? How much time does she get by herself? How much time do you two get alone as a couple? If she is getting little to no time on her own or with just you, she could be seriously burned out, and it may take some juggling in your schedules and such to try and alleviate that.

Best wishes.

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