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Re: My sexual frustration and considering divorce.

Originally Posted by MrMojoGenX View Post
If I had any hope that she would have substantial relief from her HSV-1 outbreaks, I would still try for the relationship that I had hoped for. I believe I could learn to love her for who she is if I could at least have sexual fulfillment, but I feel just plain neglected. So, I have nearly decided upon divorce, and to start over with a new relationship when I’m ready.

What would you do if you were me? Give up and start over? Or stick it out and maybe end up in an affair?
Hi MrMojo ~

You've mentioned that she has been on various medications, yes? Is it possible that with little luck so far in trying to get relief from this, that she has given up hope on getting her outbreaks under control?

Has she ever been seen by an infectious diseases doctor? Would she be willing to go?

And...there's got to be more here. Because even during an outbreak, presumably you could be intimate in other ways. Does that ever happen?

How does your wife feel about all of this?

You said that you attended marriage counseling before and it 'didn't work'. What happened to get you to go to counseling? Why did you give up?

And, honestly, if you and your wife cannot resolve the issues, then divorce is always a better option than cheating.

Best wishes.

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