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Wfe had emotional affair

We live in the Carolinas on the east coast. My wife of 18 years had an emotional affair with a guy she met on a girls trip to Vegas two years ago. The affair (she still only calls it a friendship) lasted from April 10th, 2010 through June 16th, 2010....and then again from early March 2011 through May. All the signs were there.....the lies, the deception, the outright denial. It has literally destroyed me and our relationship. This May will be one year since she ended her "friendship" with this guy....but it still haunts me every day. Her "friend" lives in Southern California and we live on the East Coast.....her affair was all talking on the phone (over 90 hours in three months) and texting around the clock. Why does this hurt me so badly? After all, I was the one who was a jerk to her in the months leading up to these some ways I deserve it. I just am so crushed by the feeling that I got stabbed by the one person who should always have my back. She swears it was only a friendship but friends (who are both married) don't talk and text that much (night and day). I am just tired of feeling so hurt over all of this and want it to go away but our marriage is forever changed now. She and I are in concealing and she wants it to work....but I am so upset still and she thinks I should just "get over it" - am I all wrong for feeling so betrayed?

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