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Re: Wife's Emotional Affair, like a big brother

In 2010 my WS left her laptop open. I had no reason not to trust her at this point in our marriage as she had build trust from internet affairs 12 years earlier. She had changed her passwords etc and I had no clue what was going on in her internet life. But, one night I happened to go downstairs and I was going to get on my laptop. Her's was open and I saw emails from this guy. Keep in mind that my WS was using a secret email account and did not use our regular email but for some reason those past two days they were. I think the OM forgot her account and just went on her FB and used the email that was there and it was our joint one.

It was bad. My wife was upstairs getting ready to go out with me and I confronted her. She started saying, "oh that, we were just flirting, that is nothing, etc". I sat her down and read each email and explained to her what they said. She said in one, "I love you, I have feelings for you, I know what we did was wrong but why are you breaking up with me?". And I could go on and on.

She went into denial mode even when I had the smoking guns.

My WS lied over and over again even with the evidence.

I wish you luck.

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