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Re: Addiction Problem or Motivation Problem?


I wouldn't put up with this IF HE WAS the breadwinner!

I am going through that now after almost 8 years of marriage. My husband has been doing this and he is the breadwinner! Be very careful, his online use may have easily slipped into live cam sites where others can hook up and meet for sex! (My husband did this---but said he was only looking---no hookups--YEAH RIGHT then why not just watch a video?)

This is way over the line! And he may have also crossed this line after years of hiding it from you. Sounds like he just pulled the car in the garage and parked in front of the computer while you have been doing all the work!

He has betrayed his vows to you if he has been searching for/having cyber with other girls.

You deserve better.

You have been working and have no kids yet?? Lucky and smart.

Don't make excuses for him, you hold all the cards.

What do you want? Take time and decide, that's what I am doing....deciding if I even want to try and fix anything.

Take care of yourself.
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