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Re: Addiction Problem or Motivation Problem?

Thank you so much for your advice. I guess I was just wondering if he can beat the porn addiction, would that be what he needed to get motivated? Or would he still be the same as before. I know no one here can tell me for sure, just wondering what others had to say.

LOSTWIFECRUSHED- That is the hard part. What do I want? I was young when we were married and came from a broken home so this is how I know how to live. I wouldn't even know how to go about finding a roommate, moving out, etc. I also fear how lonely life would be with out him.

He did admit his addiction to me, I never caught him and it seems he is really trying. But we have been through this before, except he never opened up about the addiction. And he goes back to his same old self in a week or two. I guess time will tell if he is serious this time and if he isn't, I guess I will have to summon the courage to leave for good.
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