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Re: How many of you were jealous/suspicious people

I think we need to define what jealous means.

IMO, you can be only be jealous when you want something that someone else has that was not yours to begin with. For example, to be jealous of someone else when they receive attention from someone you are interested in but there is no relationship.

When I feel that my partner is behaving inappropriately that is not being jealous. That is being concerned. And as this board and other boards evidence, when your partner gets tied up with someone outside of the relationship that can cause problems for you. Not just the end of the relationship; but also for the family that was created; one's financial security and also one's own personal security since some )Ws and OMs can be bunny boilers.

When I am in a committed exclusive relationship, no one can call me "jealous" when I am considering the implications of one's actions and behaviors that will impact on the relationship that I have not only invested in but have been encouraged to do so.
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