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Re: he has started liking oral

Originally Posted by rks1 View Post
Now here's the crazy thing... sometime after the first 2 times he gave me oral on this trip, he had some kind of mindswitch. I don't know what happened. He gave me oral about 7 times or so that week, but by time 4, he started WANTING to do it... On my previous trip, I remember that he would lose his erection while going down on me, but this time I noticed that he would remain hard after he was done going down. He would get a kick out of seeing me squirm around while he was pleasuring me, and would tease me about that. The day I was leaving back for home, as we were travelling to the airport, he told me that all he could think about was my scent 'down below' and how he just wanted to put his face back there (!).

Since I have come back home, he still mentions it, nearly every day, that he wants to 'eat (my) salty ____'. Unfortunately it will be some months before I'm able to go back to visit due to school.

I am absolutely floored, as I truly thought I'd have to go the rest of my life sexually frustrated. I have no idea what happened, but I'm thrilled. I guess giving oral was just an acquired taste for him. We've only had sex thus far about dozen times now since our marriage, so I think we are both still learning how not to be virgins now and figuring out what we like in terms of intimacy. I just wanted to post this update, as there were some people on my previous thread who thought that he would never change his desire to give me oral. I'm so glad things have changed.

I can honestly say I thought he would come around, and I posted as much in your last thread ... I'm always an optimist. That's not to brag, it's just that the set of smells and hormones that you are naturally equipped with has such a powerful effect on a man. It speaks directly to his sexual nervous system, and it carries a POWERFUL message when it speaks!! It sounded like he had a hangup at first, but once he got past that hangup, what nature has equipped you with had a chance to connect with how nature has equipped him ... he has been enlightened! and this is only the beginning of learning!

I'm SO GLAD to read this update. Now, you have unleashed the beast, so hang on for the ride .
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