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men, i need your help......

Hi....I would like to know if anyone can tell me what the signs are that a husband is having an emotional affair? Because i am wondering if mine is.

I'll try and fill you in a little bit. We have been married almost a year. Things have been great up until about 6 weeks ago. He has has started to pull away from me, he doesn't sleep very well at night, he's on the computer all the time(i know what he's reading) and its not bad, (unless he has started talking to someone that I don't know about).
He tells me he is stress the ****out. He says he worries about things all the, job, etc.
I lost my job a few weeks ago and have decided to stay home for the summer since day care is so expensive for my daughter.

He has been married before and has a daughter, he told me last night that he plans to spend fathers day with just his daughter, that it wasn't a day for family.

He doesn't call me baby anymore, rarely tells me im pretty...

I could go on, but i know this is long already.

So, do you think he could just be stressed out or could he be having an emotional affair with someone...?
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