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Unhappy Is is me? NEED HELP!!!!

Hi everyone,
I am in desperate need of some advise. I have been married for almost five years. In the past year or two my marriage has seemed to shift directions. My H and I argue a lot. And it is rarely about the important things. We seem to argue over the smallest meaningless things. My H blames me for it. He says all I want to do is argue. I feel that is wrong. When I am explaining something to him or explaining why I did something the way I did he considers that to be arguing with him. He tells me to shut up and listen to what he is saying because I am wrong. For example this is what happened last night. He called me from the store to ask what kind of cottage cheese to get for lasagna because the labels have changed. I told him the purple label or which ever one is low fat. When he got home this is what happened.

ME: Where is the cottage cheese?
HIM: In the cheese drawer.
ME: ( pulling it out of the fridge) Oh it does look the same.
HIM: WTF seriously you just wanted to prove me wrong.
ME: No I just wanted to see what the new one looked like and it looks the same.
HIM: You just wanna argue about everything I am so sick of your S. You should have kept it to yourself and not said anything.

Was I wrong for doing that even though I really just wanted to see the difference? Should I have kept it to my self. I don't know what to do. everything i do I feel like I am wrong or going to make him mad for doing something. In other arguments I feel like I am not heard like what I say doesn't matter. He will sometimes say I don't care what you thing. When the arguments get heated his temper really shows. He will sometimes grab and push me around, threaten to punch me in the face. It is terrifying to know that the person I love the most can do this to me. He does apologize for it sometimes. What should I do. He says all of it is my fault and I need to talk to someone about my issues. Please help I need some advise on how to fix this problem before it gets worse.

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