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Re: The Facebook Fuss - Frustrated Friendships?

Originally Posted by Caligyrl View Post not to split hairs...Facebook is the "Market Leader" in divorce for lawyers in this country today.

Facebook a top cause of relationship trouble, say US lawyers | Technology | The Guardian
In reading the article, I notice a few things:

Even though the rate of divorce in the US has remained largely stable in recent years, American divorce lawyers and academics have joined Middle East analysts in picking out Facebook as a leading cause of relationship trouble, with American lawyers now demanding to see their clients' Facebook pages as a matter of course before the start of proceedings.
If facebook was the cause of the instability, why would the divorce rate stay stable? Maybe it is just a new outlet for the same behavior? Or maybe it's just that lawyers find the evidence for the activity to be more obvious on facebook, and harder to deny. The last sentence seems to indicate to me that this last one may be a big part of this. So maybe this is more a change of behavior of lawyers based on what they've learned, and not a change of behavior of married people?

I actually have to cite this next paragraph as summing up what I read in that article:

Yet while the US media has been quick to trumpet any evidence of Facebook as the country's leading marriage-wrecker, the truth is "It's complicated," as the site's relationship status would have it.
I'm sorry, but I don't think the article you linked to supports your assertions. I think it does say that evidence that can be used in divorce can be easily obtained from facebook, but that's not saying that facebook is a market leader in divorce, and it also does not say that facebook is a leading cause of relationship problems.

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