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Re: I cheated, no guilt.

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To spare you all from reading a novel, I'll summarize what's going on. Husband has psoriasis & arthritis. It's flared up and he's been having problems walking for 3 months now. Every yr his psoriasis flares up and prevents sex due to it being on his privates as well as all over his body. Because of his pain, we haven't done anything sexual in more than 3 months. He dislikes making out and when we do make it, it's awkward. We always peck and he's fine with it, I'm not. The sex is great when we do have it. I've been so deprived of it, I messed around with 2 guys and haven't told my husband. I didn't have sex with these guys, I performed oral on them which is very very arousing for me. I don't talk to them nor will I again, it was a one time thing and I got what I needed out of it. I didn't plan on cheating, I didn't stop myself when the opportunity came.

I'm not proud of it nor do I condone cheating. I would like to know if anyone else has been or is in my situation? Do you love your spouse sooooo much but cheat for whatever reason and not feel guilty? I love my husband more than anything, he's my best friend and we have a great marriage. Is it possible to have a long lasting amazing marriage but cheat without regrets?
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