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Re: She came back!!!! Well, sort of.

Originally Posted by sd212 View Post
Said she wants to go to counseling but she can't guarantee me she won't have the feelings again that made her leave.
My God, what do I do?
MY GOD, YOU SHOULD HAVE SINGED THE PAPERS. She didn't ditch him, he ditched her and she has no other place to go. He didn't want to support her, take care of her and pay her bills!!!

She even said she can't guarantee that she won't cheat again, WTF!!!

SIGN, SIGN, SIGN, SIGN, the papers!

Well, looks like she won and you lost big time right now. GL with giving her space. BTW once she's back with you, the OM will probably be back in the picture now since he won't have to shell out cash for her. You just handed your cajones back to her again
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