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Originally Posted by bummed77 View Post
In 2008 my wife admitted to having an emotional affair with co worker. She said they never kissed and that she ejoyed the conversations and they were just friends. I remeber watching her get ready for work and i knew their was more to it. The agreement was no contact and if he contacted her she was to tell me. My day came 3 years later when the OM now girlfriend came to my job and asked me what was going on with my wife and the OM. I told her i only knew them to be friends and thats it. She informed me that they indeed had sex and that my wife was interferrring in their relationship. Two days prior to this my wife told me that she had to go to talk to the OM to tell him to ask his girlfriend to back off. We argued because their was suppose to be no contact. His girlfriend also informed me that he gave my wife an alltimatium. When i made it home after hearing this news i was furious. I called my wife on the phone and told her what just happened. She said she would talk to me when i get home, so i left work and went stra8 home. When I walked through the door she had a very scared look on her face. I ask her did she did she have sex with him and all she could reply was "Are you going to hit me?" I never hit a woman in my life but she has seen me violent in other situations. We sat on the couch and I said talk and dont' lie. She said they slept together twice and that she went to his 4 times. She said that the sex was boring and only went back to see if it was better. I asked Her why she didnt come clean and she replied that our marriage was getting better and that she had put it behind us because we were doing so well.
What i dont understand is why did a completer stranger come to my job and tell me that my wife did if fact cheat. The girlfriend said she wanted to expose my wife.
my wife now has a new job and has no contact with the other man from what i know, but im always the last to know. I dont think she came all the way clean because the affair was 3yrs ago. In order for me to move on I want the truth and she says i know everything and that there isnt any more to talk about. Any advice!
You know enough. Dump her. Move on with your life. She cheats and lies.

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