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Re: married but simply coexisting

it's a crap situation to be in - and it was the total death knell for our relationship. There's nothing worse than being lonely when you're married to someone who was your lover and your best friend

I found when he left that it didn't hit me that hard - he wasn't here in body or spirit for the last two years anyway and I'd essentially been living as a single woman but still having to do his laundry and listen to him go on about his day (never once asked me how my day had been) and pay for everything

I could never tell you to leave him or not leave him - that's your choice. But from the sound of it your relationship was very like mine (bar the two kids - he was my D's stepdad) and it hasn't been as hard as I thought

in fact I got over it pretty quickly and now when he exhibits his selfish behaviour I wonder how the hell I stayed married to him for so long (and what I ever saw in him in the first place - I'm currently going through the 'anger' stage, but angry at myself for suppressing my personality to suit him)

good luck with whatever you decide - you're stronger than you think x
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