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Re: Wife not physically attracted to me

Originally Posted by fobrick View Post
Hi there
I am 41 years old and been with my wife for 22 years and married for 15. We have 3 children. She recently told me that she has never been physically attracted to me. We have a marriage where we have sex once a month at best and I am always the person doing the work. She tells me she is in love with me and wants o make the mariage work. When she met me I was a medical student and she certainly has agrred that she saw me as a geat future husband and father. I feel deceived and hurt. Whete do I go from here?
When I read that and we are talking about people meeting very young and inexperienced, yes there is nothing but red flags.

41 is early signs of mid life crisis. The OP is addressing it by disatisfaction with their sex life and wanting to . Whether she is having one or something worse, I don't think there is anything in the OP saying that. She probably felt pressure about sex (especially if she is LD as 1X/mth indicates) and lashed out inappropriately.

As said am very sorry for the OP, and can't think of anything much worse to say.
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