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Job Application Answers

Several jobs ago, I actually ran my own business ... I was in the process of learning how much I don't like being a manager, or being disconnected from the technical parts that I really love ...

During this time, I didn't spend any effort developing my own job application for the unskilled labor positions. I used a standard job application like you can buy from any office supply store. Through those few years, I got some of the funniest answers to job application questions! I still remember a few.

I remember one fellow writing on the "other considerations" block "Will work knights." I promise you, for the rest of the time I had that place open, we referred to that guy as "Lancelot."

But the funniest one to me ... the one that still makes me chuckle when I think of it:

In the "Marital status" block, one fellow actually wrote, "Good."

I guess that means he's married.

Now seriously, I'm always happy to hear someone is happily married - I really am. But that answer so completely misunderstood the question that I can't help but laugh even while being happy that he thinks that.

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