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Weight, Attraction & Importance in a relationship

I am miffed. I responded to the thread below and was amazed that everyone was so tough on the poster.

Can a marriage succeed w/o sex?

The two were virgins and had never even seen each other nude prior to their wedding night. BTW they are still in their 20's.

In a nutshell, she has been putting on significant weight since they first met. Prior to the wedding she too got personal trainers to get in shape for the wedding, which obviously was important to her. Since marriage she has put on another 50 lbs (no children) and is very upset about their lack of intimacy.

He has admitted it is because "HE IS NOT TURNED ON AND ATTRACTED". For being honest everyone has jumped on him and told him basically to suck it up and how shallow he is.

Well sorry to say I am shallow too to say he has every right to feel like he does and wonder why people here seem to not accept that weight & appearance & how one carries themselves all play significant roles in sexual attraction.

One can easily say beauty is only skin deep, but there is much more to it than that. Yes I will rail against those who complain as people age and things sag and bodies change, which is natural. But if they maintain health, fitness their weight & appearance, then yes there are issues when some complain.

However in this thread I was gobsmacked at the responses and the lack of compassion shown.

Yes I am lucky, my spouse still looks fabulous and I never have had to face the dilemma, issues that the poster has and am happy for that.

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