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Re: My Old Man's Suicide

Hi Apoc sorry you here and thanks for sharing your painful story I would suggest Individual Counseling you mentioned that you are in school most colleges offer these types of services free for students
I would suggest talking to the someone in the student union bldg for sure or your degree advisor please do this for yourself it will take some time and it will be painful but eventually you will deal with it in a healthy way. and it will not effect you now or in the future whatever doesnt kill us makes us stronger and you can walk through this with therapy my ex-wife did something very similar in front of our then 4 yoa daughter well she is 21 now and has really blossomed into a great, mature daughter that any father would be proud to call his daughter these actions affected her so much at such a young age very tramatic anyway through intensive therapy she is doing awesome and i encourage you to do the same

Good Luck
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