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Re: My Old Man's Suicide

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In_The_Wind: They do but honestly, I don't want it on my record. I cleared a 90 out of 100 on the enlisted screening test for the Army and hope to join in a year. I'm open to the idea though and honestly thinking about going this autumn, when they'll be in, if it wouldn't go on my record. I'm not damaged goods, but by my own admission, I am emotionally crippled from how my parents were to me. Not in an autistic way but in that I find it hard to have emotional stake in my relationships because I've been used and lied to so much, even up to the details about my old man's death (although that, I can understand.)

That's good to hear counseling worked for your daughter though and honestly if I can go somewhere that won't put it on my record I would very gladly go sometime.
Things that happen to as a child can have long lasting effects in all areas of your life ie relationships, marriages, and even when you have children yourself I am just encouraging you to consider some outside help in dealing with emotional tramua which is what has happened to you the fact that you are talking about is awesome and will help some If i could i would also mention writing about it as well these are things you can do now to help you through the process and once written about i would have a cermonial burning or something of your notes that way its just between you and god

Take Care
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