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"woman don't think of people during sex"

Wow, you mean of the 3.5 billion women in the world, your wife knows that none of them think of other people during sex? That is an absurd statement. It's a red herring type of statement. Of course anyone is able to think of someone else during sex at some time in the there life.

Sounds like she's throwing sand in your eyes. But really, get a grip. Why make such a big deal of this. It sounds accusatory and aggressive and without basis. Maybe it's your gut, or maybe just revealing your anxieties.

Sounds as if you are very unhappy in your marriage. I just started R after WS EA, I do not think I could last 2 years of a continual fight to is too short...

Are you still bitter and angry? If you haven't been able to release those feelings by now, it means you're holding on to them and if so, I don't see how you can truly reconcile, you would unconsciously be using them as an emotional weapon.

Why do you want to save this marriage?
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