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Originally Posted by Jayb View Post
I feel adrift. And, not in a good way. My wife and I communicate a few words every day about nothing important, but the remaining fire/spark between us is dwindling at a faster pace. And, as time passes, I question the point of talking to her at all out of fear that I will get hurt again. I don't see any silver lining in the clouds...

I just feel hopeless at the situation. I'm not ready to move on, find someone else, etc. At the same time, I'm not happy myself (being myself, being by myself).

I flip through a range of emotions: from sadness to hopelessness, from contentment to worry, from confusion to denial.

Overall, it's not a good feeling. I'm less productive at work, less organized at home, just going through the motions of life in order to provide for my children.

Thank goodness I have IC today.

Anyone else struggle with the lingering ripples?
You pretty much summed up my feelings. Some days i can't describe how I feel other than just numb. My advice is definitely not date if you are not strictly on you and you getting a life....i was told in the mean time let her live her life...if she comes back it will only be a bonus because in the meantime you worked on getting your own life and if she doesn't come back, you still have a life.

I know its hard but remember you are special and there is a great purpose for your exisistence. You can and will function in life with or with out her. I know its easier to say than do but you really got to work on you.

I don't know your religious background but that Divorce Care (Christian based program) for divorced and separated people is helping me tremendously. I'm meeting really good hearted people there that really care about me. I suggest Googling it and looking in your area for a church that offers it. I wouldn't suggest it if i didn't see positive results from it.

Hang in there. Do me a favor and do one nice thing for yourself or even a stranger will do wonders for your sole.
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