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Re: What advice do you give an 18 year old girl?

Originally Posted by Unhappy2011 View Post
I hate to alarm you, but there's plenty of drinking at that age.

Tell her how getting pregnant will make going to college, getting a good job after, traveling and living life in your 20s will be hard.
I know there's drinking at that age, she grew up with me being an active alcoholic too... That's why I worry, more so because of the addiction aspect that I experienced. But, she will learn I guess

She also got to experience first hand (even though she doesn't remember much of it!) a woman in her 20's and pregnant and single and going to college. That was me! I got prego's in my sophomore year of college (age 20). It is an experience that was very difficult. I've shared my experiences with her about how hard it was.... And she's also experienced struggles with taking care of babies -- her twin siblings.... She claims to never want children at this point, I hope that changes, but for now, I want her to hold onto that feeling

Thanks for your thoughts!
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