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Re: Why do I feel empty and worthless?

Sweetie, working on a marriage for 6 months does not mean he has an addition 6 months to do as he pleases in your own home and to rub your nose in it. Counseling does not equate to playing golf and drinking beer, those are called hobbies and working on a marriage for 6 months doesn't mean he can use those as an excuse to walk away from serious issues he created in order to hide in his hobbies under the label of 'counseling.'

Why do you feel empty and worthless? It's because you are listening to him, he is talking, only he doesn't use words, and your spirit which is strong has lent its ears to what he is saying nonverbally because your spirit is listening for hope, and in listening for hope it has opened itself wide open to 'words' of abuse, neglect and control and power that he doesn't deserve.

I can't believe you'd want to stay in a house in which he has acted that way. He has soiled the house primarily because he knows you will want it, and he wants the memory of what he has done to stick with you if you 'win' the house. In children with the kind of personality problems your husband has, they smear their feces on the walls, and they know their mommies are going to get all worked up about it and can't just put them out on the street, because they have an obligation. Pretty much that is what he is doing. He secured an obligation of 6 months out of your sweet, honest self that would honor such an obligation and now he is doing the equivalent of feces smearing.

If he says it's your fault that the marriage failed because you didn't honor the whole six months, say that honor is the key word, he did not honor the spirit of the obligation, instead he won on a technicality. That's a dirty way to win, tell him so and let him 'win', he's a better person than you because he stuck to the 6 months. WooWee. I mean, do you really believe that? Of course he will tell people that you renegged on the 6 month agreement and make you look bad or try to, but you know what, he is going to do that anyway!

I gave my husband a second chance, he didn't deserve it, he did the same things more or less what your husband did. When I tried to discuss issues reasonably with him, not accusing but focusing only on how I felt and not being judgemental but asking him to honor the way I felt to give me information, he entered into an argument where the only way he could 'win' was to suggest that we get divorced. At that point, I agreed, and I let him 'win'. You can't be married to someone who doesn't want to be on your side, and always has to be one-uppping you to have the balance of the power in the relationship. A man who will not honor your emotions, is a worthless man. He probably wants to keep you because he can tweak you to look like a whining b*tch, and this is the way he gains the sympathy of other woman, who don't mind scr*wing him because after all he is in a marriage where his wife doesn't 'love him' and 'wants' a divorce because she doesn't want him to play golf or go out and drink beer. If your husband was a movie director, he would be a very wealthy man with that kind of talent. Instead, he choreographs his pathetic little world playing on people's most valued desires and emotions, in order to obtain power and control and gratification, because he can. It is an addiction, and playing the game only feeds into it and makes him want more.

If you are in a toxic relationship, think of the relationship, not the other party. You can certainly gaine 100% control over the relationship by choosing not to participate in it, not fighting over the house, not fighting over money, not fighting over anything but letting the court decide 100% what happens based on information the court asks for. It's called a walkaway and it is really the best protection in this kind of situation.

No, he hasn't beat you up. But he has done a whole lot worse without lifting a finger. Just by reading your post, I felt immensely battered. I am pretty sure my ex-H had sex in my car the day he took it to work to wash know what I did? I traded it in immediately upon filing for divorce. :-) So much for his satisfaction in soiling my car, he won't have the pleasure of thinking about me riding in it, he will remember being foiled and being cut off from the pleasure he wanted in having that power over me. I asked for nothing in the he doesn't have the satisfaction of 'winning'. He gave me some benefits for school, but I already finished a year, if he cuts them off I have the option of increasing work I do from home and staying in school because I have a back-up scholarship and besides with kids if I end up in a crisis situation I can get state aid to pay rent until I find a job if I need to do that. Honestly, I am more or less abuse-proof. Now he is like a little buzzing mosquito that I can let fly around harm done so he bites I will survive.

You are definitely a battered spouse. You're not physically damaged but definitely much much worse. You need to get to a safe place before he has the opportunity to push you over the edge. The amount of abuse he has put on your plate is severe and overwhelming. I'm amazed you can even get online and post about it. It sounds like maybe you are in denial, because to accept the assessment of what he has done is going to be overwhelming. But honestly, you can walk away from it. And the minute you strart taking care of yourself, it is going to become a lot more clear and a lot more easy.
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