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Is my husband answering me by his actions?

Hello. Can I please get a couple opinions on what my husbands behavior means? Let me preface this by saying that we have both hurt each other in the past, so trust, though dealt with as best as possible, I feel is probably an invisible undercurrent that is always there. So, here is the problem. He is a wonderful man, treats me nice, wonderful father and provider. The problem is I need more "oneness" more "closeness" than I'm getting from him. He goes about "his" life and seems to always be happy. My problem is, I'm not included in his life. No matter how many times we have talked (and its been many) and I've told him how I feel, nothing seems to change. He stays the same no matter what, carrying on with "his" life. When he gets off of work, he is busy outside until dark. Doing things sometimes that we could do together but he does it all by himself. He always takes the time to sit down and listen to me when I ask him if we can "talk" but it is "always" me initiating the talk. I suspect he subconsciously, or maybe consciously, won't let himself get close again because of the past. So I guess my actual question is, if he knows I want to spend more time with him, that I want to be closer, but no matter what, he never has time for me, he is sending me a silent message.....right? For whatever his reason is, he simply does not want to be closer to me.....right? Thanks for any opinions I get.
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