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Re: Is my husband answering me by his actions?

Originally Posted by mem4625 View Post
if he knows I want to spend more time with him, that I want to be closer, but no matter what, he never has time for me, he is sending me a silent message.....right? For whatever his reason is, he simply does not want to be closer to me.....right? Thanks for any opinions I get.

I don't think that's the message.

I'm a very independent person. I like my alone time. I like listening to music, playing my guitar, working out, etc., all by myself. I still desire to feel close to my SO; but my idea of close doesn't entail being around her X number of hours a day.

I suppose I may bring this attitude towards relationships because of my father; he spent months overseas, away from my mother, at times. He built an office, complete with a workout facility, on our property about an acre behind our house and spent hours there.

My parents are still married after 30 years. They seem very happy together.

Some people are more independent. It's not a message, IMO.
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