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FB, it's so easy

My x cheated w/ a old friend from HS, she found him on FB. She had other lovers, all from FB, all while we were married. She told me to go out and even the score, I never did but in 3days I had an offer for sex, just sex.
We are almost done w/ the divorce.
I joined FB to keep in contact w/ family and some friends.
2 weeks ago I get a friend request from a woman(who is married w/ kids) I used to know, we had sex once. I accept and send her a PM back. She writes to me and a conversation is started. She is friends w/ my XGF from HS so we have lots to talk about. She asks me to come over, I ignor her but continue to message back....she asks me over again, and again, and a fourth time but then she comes out and asks "why won't you answer me about coming to see me?" Simple responce, "ur married" she continues to tell me she doesn't like sex w/ him, he's cheating on her, she's not happy....please come see her.. Well I pulled every quote from the bible I know, gave her ideas on how to spice up her marriage ETC...she even asked I call her but I told her if I did it would be to talk her into having sex...w/ her husband.
She kept this up for a few days, I text my 'ol GF and asked what her deal was, (she knows I'm not like that, I'd never go see a married woman) she tells me her H just had a stroke, he's home and doing better but still can't work. HMMMM What did she have in mind? IDK but Bob, if ur out there, ur welcome, watch out she'll find a sucker to cross that bridge w/, it just aint me.

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