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Re: Wife doing thing she was always against.

Originally Posted by Rikkem View Post
Maybe I am just letting my imagination run wild. My wife and I have been together for over 20 years now
During all this time she would never give me oral sex. She said it made her feel sick to her stomach and it is gross.
Back in march she did it out of the blue. She went all the way and finished me off. I, needless to say, loved it. But it was so not like her.
Now since then it is almost a regular thing. I am having a hard time understanding the sudden change. The last time she also started playing with my ass as she was doing it. This has always been a never touch zone in her book. Why now?
I talk with a friend at work and he said his wife did the same thing and started doing things she never did before. This was about 2 months before he found out she was having an affair and she did things for him when she started feeling guilty and was afrid he would find out. So she started doing extra things for him to try and keep him happier so he wouldn't complain.
Do you think I should ask her or just enjoy the new change?
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