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Originally Posted by org_balla View Post
Both my ex and I are 22, and we were together for 2 and half years. Our relationship was very serious but her parents did not accept me due to the fact I am not the same race as her. We were an interracial couple.

The reason for our split was primarily her parents, and this caused many issues to arise, even with things that we didn't have problems with before such as religion and culture. She is Caucasian, and I am Indian. We are both born and raised in Canada and I am NOT a very religious person because of the way I have been raised. We split about 2 weeks ago and even though I know this is a short period of time, I feel as though we can get back together and make this work seeing how the split did arise primarily because of her parents.

During the end of our relationship she started to distant herself a bit because she thought she was hurting her parents even though as a couple we are extremely happy together. I want to get back with my ex because I love her very much and even thought her parents are putting pressure on her and she has fallen out of love with me, I know she still loves me as a person and that can help us get back together.

We are both happy with everything in this relationship except the whole parents issue. Because of that religion at first was not an issue but later became one cause her parents kept saying its not going to work, and its going to be very hard. I agree that it will not be easy, but if you really do love someone you can always make it work.

Please give me advice on how we can get back together, and how I can assure her that religion and parents will NOT be problem in the future. I hope this information helps.

Thank you,
Religion and parents WILL be a problem for you if they do not accept you. I have a family member who's daughter (My cousin) married a black man and they conceived an interracial child. The parents never accepted the husband or the child and it was a very tense situation in the family. Personally I thought it was terrible but it was not my business. Ultimately due to family pressure the husband left and the family situation has improved.

What I am trying to say is that sometimes you can't change racists *******s and the reality is that she may end up with a caucasian partner in the future in order to gain acceptance from her family. Yes its sucks but thats life.

I'm really sorry but shes the one that needs to make this choice, but I have a feeling that she is not going to alienate her family for you especially with both of you being so young. Good luck.

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