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Not just sex... but romance.... is that so much to ask for? Especially if you are going above and beyond to make sure that your spouse is happy sexually and the only thing you ask in return is a little romance, to feel desired, not just wanted sexually... but desired as a person, like some actual effort was put into it? I have brought this up to my husband a couple times in the last few months, and his thing is, we don't have money, he can't buy anything... well I told him he doesn't have to buy anything, that isn't the kind of romance that I want. We were doing love pong, today mine was make a request, that was my request, he hasn't responded, and up until that he was being very active.... what gives? What do you do for your partner to be romantic that doesn't require buying something (no flowers, no cards)... I'm not talking that kind of stuff... stuff he used to do, like light some candles, draw me a bath, give me a massage (even if it becomes sexual) play with my hair.... he doesn't really do any of this stuff anymore Maybe I am initiating too much and he feels he doesn't need to???? But we have been working on reconnecting emotionally and I feel this is an important aspect.
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