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Re: Is she sleeping around?

No in all this time I brought it up once a few years back and it was done in anger. For the last five years she started going out to grocery store late at night but it doesn't seem to be gone long enough to do to much. I agree with you it hasn't been much of a sexually life, we had our first kid a year after being married so we never really got to spend a lot of us time prior to having kids. I am heavly stress and having medical issues and just not feeling like my normal self. My mind is racked and thoughts all the time about her sleeping with someone else, I have woke up with dreams of her cheating me but agian never has shown any signs of messing around. I am a computer person so I have found no evidence on her pc or phone. I just have this nagging feeling and a few weeks ago I did tell her that if she wasn't happy with me I would rather have her go find her happiness with someone else then stick around with me. One kid is in college and comes home every few weekends and the other one is in HS still for one more year and for the last 5 years we can't have intercourse while either one is home or the possibility of them coming home.
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