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Question Spanking.

I am wondering what the parents on TAM think about corporal punishment.

My therapist is gently prodding me to talk about my abusive childhood. I would rather just move on and stop thinking about it, but she insists that breaking the silence is therapeutic. I was physically abused by my mother for many years.

Surprisingly, I have nothing against a well timed smack if a child is not listening. I think spanking should be the last resort and never given in anger. My mom gave her children some brutal beatings because she punished when she was mad. I would never advocate that, but I do think that more children need a spanking once in a while. Parents are too afraid of their children nowadays. Of course, I am not a parent so maybe I don't know what I am talking about. I have just seen the effects of parents being much too lax.

How about you? Do you hit your children?
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