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Re: 1 year old stinker

Originally Posted by uzername View Post
i'm a new mom and i stay at home with my 1 year old. lately he's been rejecting me in favor of his dad, who works long days so he rarely gets to spend time with him. and by rejecting, i mean he screams bloody murder until his dad holds him and then he is instantly all smiles. it's normal, i know, but it's driving me batty!!! he has always been such a happy baby so this somewhat sudden turn has thrown me. plus, i think my DH silently wonders what i'm doing "wrong" to make the baby not want me anymore. he'd never say that out loud, but i feel like that's what i see on his face sometimes. will this rejection continue for long??
Relax... it's nothing your doing.. the boy just misses his daddy is all. The length just depends on the childs mood .. they tend to flip flop between who they prefer. My son and daughter are the same way and like I said it's not because your doing anything wrong.. it's just because they may miss spending quality time with the other parent. Him wanting to cling to his daddy is normal... let them both enjoy(especially your hubby) while it lasts.
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